TEAMnetwork is proud to present its newest offering – archiveMAIL

Every day our email systems are being filled up with more and more content. Emails to and from customers, colleagues, and suppliers. Whether it be Microsoft’s Office 365, TEAMnetwork’s cloudEXCHANGE, or even the internal email platform, we all know that email systems slow down when there is simply so much content. Outlook becomes sluggish and searches just simply take more time. Introducing TEAMnetwork’s ARCHIVEmail; A product that will take copies of all emails and store these away for quick access when required.

Well if that is what it is like from your staff perspective, what about the organisation? archiveMAIL delivers real business benefit. archiveMAIL becomes the repository for all emails out from your organisation. Even if they are deleted in Outlook later, a copy of them is still sitting in ARCHIVEmail. Because so much business is now done in email, many organisations use this feature to prove the sending or receipting of important emails. archiveMAIL doesn’t care about the content, it simply stores all messages away from the email system and if required, after a set period of time, will remove the original from the users' Inbox. Thus keeping the email system free from old messages, whilst retaining the ability to look-up any message at any time.

archiveMAIL is accessible via a secure website or if required, an add-on to Microsoft Outlook. Typically, a manager is setup manage the email archive whilst the staff members can search and view their own.

All this for just $4.00+GST/mailbox a month. So ten mailboxes are just $45+GST per month. There is also a small fee for message storage, etc

archiveMAIL is particularly useful for

  • Accommodation
  • Bioscience and biotechnology
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Imports and Exports
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Tourism
  • Wholesale trade

Want to talk to someone about ARCHIVEmail. Just phone us on 0800TEAMNET (0800-8326638) or email us on